Gridwear offers a solution to problems with sweat, fog and scratches that are common with protective eyewear with a plastic lense. Gridwear solves this with a steel grid instead of a plastic lense!

In floorball and squash less than 5% of the players use some kind of eye protection despite the fact that more than 300 players are seriously injured when playing floorball every year - and this is in Sweden only! The number of people worldwide who hurt their eyes while playing floorball and other indoor sports, like squash, is most likely staggering! And unnessecary! If everyone used Gridwear, we would have zero eye injuries in those sports.


Floorball is the largest indoor sport in Sweden with more than 500,000 players. Other countries where floorball is popular include Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, UK, USA, Russia, Canada etc. Floorball is an international sport with more than 2 million players worldwide and it's constantly growing! It's an immensely popular sport, because it's fun, easy to play, does not require expensive equipment(all you need is a couple of people with clubs, a ball, shorts, t-shirt and a pair of gym shoes! All ages can play! We play in a 40-50+ group once a week!) With Gridwear you can play safely without having your glasses fog up or get covered with sweat. Gridwear also do not get scratched if you drop them on the floor like conventional glasses do. Parents with kids that play floorball often complain that they need to buy new glasses every 2-3 months because they are scratched. With Gridwear you just buy one pair that will last!



We designed Gridwear with the help of experts from The Karolinska Institutet and S:t Eriks Eye hospital, using modern design and materials.

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Tested and approved

Gridwear has been tested and approved by Statens Provningsanstalt and is CE-certified. Gridwear is recommended by IFF, the International Floorball Federation.


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