The Product

Gridwear Spectrum has a polycarbonate frame with a steel grid molded into it for maximum strength. (The grid is made of stainless steel which has been treated with anodiziation to make it less visible and obstruct your vision as little as possible. Gridwear fits tightly around the eye and has a soft padding around the frame. Thus, Gridwear offers much better protection than conventional protective eyewear with plastic lenses which are open under the eyes.

  • Gridwear is very light and only weighs 34 grams!

  • CE-certificate No. 59 61 01 

  • Gridwear comes as one-size-fits all and has an adjustable headband to make it fit your head just right.

  • Gridwear Spectrum will come in all different colors: Black, Yellow, Green, Pink, Red, Blue, Lime and transparent. It has a softcoated matte finish.

  • Gridwear comes with a black case where the color of the logo shows which color glasses are in it.

  • Gridwear is recommended by the IFF! (International Floorball Federation)

  • It's not worth risking your eyesight every time you play floorball. Use Gridwear and be safe!

  • Now you can play floorball without risking you eyesight and without problems with fog and sweat!

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