To order

To order Gridwear Panorama send us an e-mail with your name and address to: or fill in the form below.

Price: 199 SEK incl. VAT (Appr €20 or US$ 22)

Shipping cost depends on where you live. In Sweden it's 22 SEK. Other EU countries 33 SEK.

Orders inside Sweden, 221 SEK incl. VAT and postage. Orders from other EU-countries, 232 SEK incl. VAT and postage.

For orders from the rest of the world, please contact us for a total price incl. postage.

Please state which color you want: black, blue or transparent.

Payment via svish(in Sweden) number 0707480086 or paypal:

Please note that Gridwear Panorama only has one size, that fits all!


Do you represent a club, retailer or similar? Contact us for quantity discounts!


Additional information:
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