Players thoughts about Gridwear

"Glasses are awesome. Comfortable too. Forgot I was wearing them after a few points and felt very confident on court." 
- Ed Packard, squashplayer, Gibraltar

"Glasses are great - and I have still got my eyesight! I started using Gridwear after I was hit in the eye with a stick. I have tried using regular plastic floorball glasses, but I got tired of the sweat and fog problems."
- Magnus Höök, Stockholm, Sweden

"I play a lot of floorball on a hobby basis and over the years I have become more concerned about protecting my eyes. For many years I played with floorball glasses made of plastic, but found it increasingly difficult as they fogged up.
About a year ago I had an opportunity to try Gridwear, which to me meant a minor revolution. Not only did I get rid of the problem with the fog on the lenses. They are also much more comfortable to wear than all the plastic eyewear I have tried in the past. The grid covering the eyes has never bothered me. I don't even think about it. Gridwear is simply a fantastic product built on a brilliant idea."
- Eric Berry, Stockholm, Sweden

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