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Marknadens bästa innebandyglasögon - även för dig som spelar squash och padel.

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Allvarliga ögonskador vid innebandyspel bara i Sverige varje år

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Utformade för bästa säkerhet och komfort.

Glasses Frame

Polykarbonatbåge för styrka och låg vikt. Mjuk vaddering på insidan gör att glasögonen sitter bekvämt och tätt runt ögonen. Gridwear har en storlek som passar alla med ett justerbart nackband.

Steel Grid

Galler av rostfritt stål behandlat för att göra det mindre synligt för ögat. Vanliga skyddsglasögon med plastlins har problem med imma, svett och repor som motverkar bra sikt.

EVA Case

EVA fodral som skyddar dina glasögon när du inte använder dem.

International Floorball Federation

CE Godkända och rekommenderas av IFF (International Floorball Federation).

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What sports is Gridwear suitable for?

Most indoor sports, such as floorball, squash, racquetball, padel, etc.

Why is Gridwear the best eye protection sportswear on the market?

Currently, there is no sports eyewear protection on the market that gives clear vision, comfort and maximum protection. Many players complain about fog, sweat and scratches impairing vision in traditional eyewear. Gridwear has perfected a design that puts an end to those problems, making it comfortable and more convenient to protect your eyes.

What is the difference between Gridwear and other brands?

Gridwear has a stainless steel grid instead of a plastic lense to protect the eyes. What really sets Gridwear apart from normal glasses is that Gridwear does not have any problems with fog, sweat or scratches. If you play an indoor sport for longer than a few minutes, you will experience sweat and fog, which is the main reason why so few people use eye protection while playing. Gridwear offers a solution to this huge problem.

Are they safer than other glasses?

Gridwear fits tightly around the eyes, whereas normal glasses has a gap between the eyes and the glasses. So, if you are hit with a club, ball or a racquet from underneath, Gridwear offers better protection.

Is Gridwear certified to use?

Yes, Gridwear has been tested and approved by RISE, the Swedish Research Institute. Gridwear is also recommended by the IFF, the International Floorball Federation.

In what countries is Gridwear sold?

Gridwear is sold all over the planet! So far, Gridwear has been sold in over 20 countries all over the world. From Australia, Thailand, the Middle East, all across Europe, The United States and South America.

How long has Gridwear been around?

Gridwear came out with its first model, the Spectrum, in 2016.

Is Gridwear a sustainable product?

Yes, in the sense that Gridwear can be recycled 100%, the frame as plastic and the grid as metal. For upcoming models we will only use recycled polycarbonate for the frames and recycled metal for the grid. Also, because Gridwear lasts much longer than other protective eyewear, it is more sustainable. Other eyewear with plastic lenses frequently gets scratched and have to be replaced. Gridwear does not get scratched and are very durable. Many players have had the same pair of Gridwear since they bought it in 2016!

Michael Abrahamsson,
Founder of Gridwear

The Gridwear Story

Our mission is zero eye injuries

Gridwear was founded by Michael Abrahamsson in Sweden, with funding from ALMI and assistance from Karolinska Institutet and S:t Eriks Ögonsjukhus.

A seamless design for maximum protection and comfort was developed for players exposed to eye injuries.

Sports like floorball, squash, racquetball and padel can cause serious eye injuries. Thousands of players damage their eyes every year around the world.

Our mission is zero eye injuries in sports like these.

“From personal experience as a floorball enthusiast I was hit in the eye by the ball and was close to losing my sight permanently. This fueled my passion to create a product that would allow me and everyone else to play safe.“

- Michael Abrahamsson, founder of Gridwear



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